2002 – The idea of selling ice in Bohemia, inspired by foreign experience, is born in the Start restaurant in Strasnica.

2003 – Establishment of Party LED s.r.o., the first test to see if it would work. We are delivering Skoda Favorit thermoplastics with a penguin. And we’re building a production facility in Karlín. Planned capacity 1 ton of ice / day. We are buying the first 2 machines.

2004 – We buy our first cars, start teaching dealers that people will buy it. We buy our first bags ourselves to keep us at the pumps.
2005 – We are expanding our sales network to about 50 locations in Prague and the surrounding area. In the summer we find that the demand is more than we can supply, we buy 2 more machines. In December, we also expanded our offer to include ice chips.
2006 – After the experience of the previous year, we equipped ourselves with additional technologies so that we never have to say “NO” to a customer again.

2007 – Our sales network includes about 100 locations in Prague and Central Bohemia. Thanks to our ice cream delivery partners, you can get PartyLED all over the country.

2008 – We find that the existing fleet is not suitable for us and so we slowly focus on quality Volkswagen vans.

2010 – Thanks to the hot summer comes the second “ice crisis”, to cover the huge demand we buy ice from competitors from abroad. We know we need to move to bigger premises, but where?

2011 – A diligent search for suitable and affordable premises was completed at the end of the year and we begin to reconstruct our newly acquired building in Chocerady. And we’re also starting to import Icydrink ice glass machines.

2012 – The Big Move. Big changes. The new plant is designed to produce 10 tons per day, which is at least 4 times more than the old Karlínská plant, where we were able to produce almost 3 tons after modifications.

2013 – We launched our first e-shop with the possibility of ordering ice online. Such a prehistoric…

2015 – We cover the whole of Bohemia thanks to several new wholesale partners – Algida concessionaire..

2017 – The number of sales outlets exceeded 400 nationwide.

2019 – We opened a delivery depot in Moravia. We cover the whole Czech Republic 100%

2020 – The harsh period of COVID-19 affected not only the whole catering industry, so we learned to do things differently, better, more economically

2021 – We are expanding production with two new machines and an automatic packaging line. There was already enough manual labour.

2024 – A new website replaces the old, poorly functioning one. Holt technology is moving forward very fast.