Welcome to company PARTY LED s.r.o.

We produce and distribute packed cubed ice and crushed ice and offer other services. You can purchase our products directly from us or from a wide network of distribution points.

Ice cubes & crushed ice

We offer top-quality products, made from wholesome drinking water. They are hygienically packed and can be widely used in restaurants, in private as well as in health services.
Ice cubes 2 kg
60.00  bez DPH
69.00  vč DPH
Ice cubes 3 kg
86.09  bez DPH
99.00  vč DPH
Ice cubes 5 kg
113.04  bez DPH
130.00  vč DPH
Crushed ice 5 kg
139.13  bez DPH
160.00  vč DPH
Crushed ice 3 kg
104.35  bez DPH
120.00  vč DPH

Rental of refrigeration equipment

Are you organizing an event and lacking space to store frozen or chilled goods? Now it can´t get any easier – we will lend you a freezer or refrigerator! We offer the rental of chest freezers and refrigerators of various sizes ranging from the 50-litre volume to a vehicle or an entire mobile freezer room.
Rental of counter freezer (small - 70kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of counter freezer (medium size - 100kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of "bar" fridge
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of counter freezer (large - 150kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH

Refrigeration equipment

Want proven quality? We use this technique ourselves, so we know we can rely on it. You can rely on too..

Tefcold IC200SC-P
13,466.00  bez DPH
16,293.86  vč DPH
Tefcold IC300SC-P
15,357.00  bez DPH
18,581.97  vč DPH
Tefcold IC400SC-P
13,471.07  bez DPH
16,300.00  vč DPH
Tefcold IC500SC-P
15,289.26  bez DPH
18,500.00  vč DPH


We offer thermoboxes for rent and for sale …
Thermobox "Z"
392.56  bez DPH
475.00  vč DPH
Thermobox "V"
322.31  bez DPH
390.00  vč DPH
Rental of thermobox
82.64  bez DPH
100.00  vč DPH

(daily 8:00-21:00)

Czechia: +420 731 111 688
Moravia: +420 774 411 163

E-mail: partyled@partyled.cz
Fax: 226 531 578