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We produce and distribute packed cubed ice and crushed ice and offer other services. You can purchase our products directly from us or from a wide network of distribution points.

Ice cubes & crushed ice

We offer top-quality products, made from wholesome drinking water. They are hygienically packed and can be widely used in restaurants, in private as well as in health services.
Ice cubes 2 kg
60.00  bez DPH
69.00  vč DPH
Ice cubes 3 kg
86.09  bez DPH
99.00  vč DPH
Ice cubes 5 kg
113.04  bez DPH
130.00  vč DPH
Crushed ice 5 kg
139.13  bez DPH
160.00  vč DPH
Crushed ice 3 kg
104.35  bez DPH
120.00  vč DPH

Dry ice

We also offer DRY ICE as an accessory to our classic ice products.

More information about dry ice

Dry ice used in food industry - pellets (10kg)
1,322.31  bez DPH
1,600.00  vč DPH

Rental of refrigeration equipment

Are you organizing an event and lacking space to store frozen or chilled goods? Now it can´t get any easier – we will lend you a freezer or refrigerator! We offer the rental of chest freezers and refrigerators of various sizes ranging from the 50-litre volume to a vehicle or an entire mobile freezer room.
Rental of counter freezer (small - 70kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of counter freezer (medium size - 100kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of "bar" fridge
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH
Rental of counter freezer (large - 150kg)
661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH

Refrigeration equipment

Want proven quality? We use this technique ourselves, so we know we can rely on it. You can rely on too..

Tefcold IC200SC-P
13,466.00  bez DPH
16,293.86  vč DPH
Tefcold IC300SC-P
15,357.00  bez DPH
18,581.97  vč DPH
Tefcold IC400SC-P
13,471.07  bez DPH
16,300.00  vč DPH
Tefcold IC500SC-P
15,289.26  bez DPH
18,500.00  vč DPH


We offer thermoboxes for rent and for sale …
Thermobox "Z"
392.56  bez DPH
475.00  vč DPH
Thermobox "V"
322.31  bez DPH
390.00  vč DPH
Rental of thermobox
82.64  bez DPH
100.00  vč DPH

ICYDRINK ice glasses

ICYDRINK is a concept of an original automatic ice glass maker offering universal use both in HORECA as well as at private home events. Now, you can enjoy your favourite drink in the top quality undiluted by ice cubes.

What is Icydrink?

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