Dry ice used in food industry – 2.4kg blocks (6pcs)

Dry ice used in food industry – 2.4kg blocks (6pcs)

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Dry ice means carbon dioxide in solid form. Unlike ordinary water ice, which exists under temperatures of 0°C and below, dry ice is extremely cold with its temperature reaching –79 °C. In contrast to water ice the dry ice does not melt under normal atmospheric conditions but it sublimates, i.e. it changes from solid state directly into gaseous state without liquidizing while gaseous carbon dioxide is released.

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Shape: block

Dimensions: 210 x 125 x 60 mm

When handling dry ice you must observe the following health and safety instructions:

  • Avoid any direct contact of dry ice with the skin (danger of burning the skin) and protect your eyes. .
  • Always use working gloves when handling dry ice
  • Always store dry ice out of the reach of children.
  • Do not store dry ice in closed spaces and transport it in space separated from all persons. (In the process of sublimation, unbreathable carbon dioxide is released. Its vapours are markedly heavier than air, e.g. 541 litres of gaseous CO2 are released from 1 kg of dry ice.)
  • When transporting dry ice in car ensure the space is ventilated

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