Rental of refrigeration equipment

Rental of counter freezer (large – 150kg)

661.16  bez DPH
800.00  vč DPH

Capacity: 100kg of ice, for taking "with ice", ice must be ordered at least 50% of capacity

Refundable deposit: 4000 Kč

Different models - dimensions
capacity: 294-352l
width: 120-150 cm
depth: cca 65cm
height: cca 90cm
Elektrical: 220 V 50 Hz, max. power 350 W

How to do it?

  • Make your reservation here online.
  • All you need to rent is an identity card or other proof and a refundable deposit. The rent for the scheduled time is paid together with the deposit either online or on delivery.
  • We will bring the freezer or refrigerator to your desired location or you can pick it up in our warehouse in Chocerady
  • In case of equipment failure, we will replace it immediately for FREE.

Photo is illustrative. Availability of the model and possible delivery date will be confirmed by return after your order. There is no rule of delivery within 6 hours!

(daily 8:00-21:00)

Czechia: +420 731 111 688
Moravia: +420 774 411 163

Fax: 226 531 578