How much ice do I need for an event attended by 20 people?
Ice consumption is influenced by a number of factors – the drinks menu (e.g. Mojito is used with crushed ice in Europe), duration of the event, temperature at the venue and the ways in which ice is stored and used (for example, for chilling too). In general, we recommend counting with approximately 0.5 to 1 kg per person. It is definitely better to have more ice than to deal with a situation later when there is no ice left. There is no other way without ice.

I need to fill a 150-litre tank with ice. How much ice will I need?
The volume of cubed ice and its weight are not the same as with water where 1 litre equals 1 kilogram. Due to spaces between cubes the ratio is about twice as much with cubed ice. That means that 1 kg of cubed ice equals 2 litres, 1 kg of crushed ice equals 1.7 litres.

I forgot to chill my Champagne, how long will it take to chill?
Two minutes are enough for it to get chilled. You only need ice, salt and water. Fill a container with ice (cubes or crushed ice, whichever is at hand), pour over with water and add salt (about 1 kg of salt per 3 litres of water). Place the Champagne bottle into the container and within five minutes it is ready to serve).

I forgot to buy crushed ice. How can I make it from cubed ice?
If you don´t have a professional grinder to prepare crushed ice then a plastic bag, dishcloth and a meat tenderizer will do. Place the ice cubes into the bag, wrap in the dishcloth and crush with the meat tenderizer.

Why is the quality of PartyLED better than ice from my ice maker?
Not only is our ice produced from top-quality filtered drinking water while observing all health and safety requirements, it is also frozen to -18 °C. Thanks to this it cools your drink more and melts less itself. It means it does not “contaminate” your drink like ice used directly from an ice maker.

How much ice can you deliver?
The minimum amount we deliver is 10 kg. From 30 kg the transport is free. It is possible to combine ice and crushed ice at will.

How long will it take to receive my order?
You will usually get your delivery within 6 hours of making your order. If you need ice quicker, you have to make your order by phone and agree on an express charge according to current price list.

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